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Laser bleaching procedure allows you to have a whiter smile just in 30 minutes. High-concentration bleaching gel guarantees rapid results. Generally onetime procedure is enough to achieve the desired effect.

Increased teeth sensitivity may be present and staining food products and beverages should be avoided for one day after the procedure. Laser acts as an activator, enhancing the bleaching effect of a special gel, allowing maximum results to be obtained over a short period of time.

Benefits :

While some whitening treatments take weeks to show results, laser skin resurfacing is fast and improvements can be seen straight away. After treatment your skin will appear brighter and softer immediately and will progressively improve as it heals over 3-6 months.

While skin whitening products are not all equally effective, laser resurfacing technology has been proven to work on a number of skin problems including fine lines and wrinkles, erasing acne scars, repairing sun damage and minimising the appearance of dark spots.