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(5 days live and practical observation of FUE surgery)

Dr Harshit Ranpara has passed his AIL' kfrom NHL Medical College 1►7 1997 with gold medal Jiynn Gujarat University. He has started private practice in 1998 in Rajkot. He is director of. .4 EIIIA CENTRE FOR SKI .\ 11.1IR which is a well equipped huge cosmetology set up with all laser, and trdranc hair transplant surgery centre of international Atandard in the heart 01 chi' Rajiat.

His 'mull area of interest is hair & hair transplant surgery. He has started practice of hair transplantation in 1999 in that era where there was only one chapter of transplant in dennato-swgety text books. Now a days there are separate books on FUT & FUE. He has started practice with strip surgery, then gradually shifted from strip to FUE, and for last 4 years he is exclusively doing only FUE. He has done more than 2000 hair transplant surgeries & in his clinic there is waiting listfin- 15- 30 dais for hair transplantation. He got training of FUE at Transmeci hair transplant centre, Istanbul. Turkey under Dr Menke Kulhaci in ?00$.

He has invented 2 instruments fur Hair transplant surgery - it faker and Adiva Implanter and has registered paten, fin. that.

Features :

Learn how to introduce FUE and FUT into your Practice

Assess and compare FUE vs FUT: Indications, Complications, Pros & Cons

Detailed and thorough discussion about FUE surgery

Optimiting efficiency - grail survival, donor selection, reducing transaction rate in extraction & best placement of graft in implantation

Pre-operative preparation & post-operative care and handling of the patient

Each participant will get the certificate for this workshop